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What day is it today?

Try to help children to understand their new daily routine by talking about what day it is, each day’s date number and the current month of the year.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

If you have paper, write down the name of each day, so your child can see what each word looks like, and which letter sounds each day begins with.  Encourage your child to run their finger from left to right as they ‘read’ each word.

Talking about the date number

Tomorrow, on 1st of April, show your child what number 1 looks like when it is written down, or ask them to show you 1 finger.  You could challenge them to find 1 special toy to show you, or clap their hands 1 time.

Repeat this as the date numbers change each day e.g. finding 2 special toys, or stamping their feet 2 times on 2nd April.


Sing about the months of the year

Search for Months of the Year Song on YouTube, and sing along.  Talk to your child about when their birthday occurs.  You could also talk to your child about which other months have festivals and celebrations taking place, such as Eid, Diwali or Christmas.

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