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Green Fingers

On a bright sunny morning we took the opportunity to have fun whilst learning in our outdoor community garden area. Children from KS1 and KS2 worked collaboratively, in the true spirit as Global Citizens, to take care of our outdoor learning environment – SDG 13 Climate Action and SDG 15 life on Land.

They made cross-curricular links with their prior learning in science, maths and geography.   The children used measuring skills to calculate 20litres of water for each tree. They shared their knowledge and understanding on what makes plants grow, their key features and the process of planting.

They closely observed the new shoots and flowers on the trees and carefully potted the little sampling around the school and in the community garden. Each tree was fitted in a pot with a stick and protective guard to protect them against the harsh elements – wind and animals.

After lunch they used their art skills to the parts of the plants and garden and labelled them with key words.

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