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Easter 7

Rathfern Egg Hunt

Today at Easter club we worked collaboratively to locate eggs that had been hidden around the playground. One by one we opened the eggs to find an act of kindness that we had to complete.

  1. Make a badge with a positive message.
  2. Water the trees on Rathfern Road.

3. Read a story with a friend in the playground.

4. Create a rainbow picture to support the NHS.

5. Give everyone two elbow nudges and say ‘Happy Easter!’

6. Give someone a compliment to make them smile.

7. Work collaboratively to complete an assault course.

8. Clap for the NHS, carers and key workers around the world.

Here are some quotes from the children:

‘I enjoyed finding the eggs in the playground.’ – Deshaun and Naythan

‘The strawberry ice-cream was delicious.’ – Dottie

‘I enjoyed making my badge.’ – Bella

‘I enjoyed doing the obstacle course because everyone got the chance to have a go.’ – Kavell

‘I enjoyed doing the obstacle course. I had to persevere.’ – Serah

We ended our day with a clap for all carers around the world! Click on the link below to watch:

Clap for carers

Ellie Elephant (Collaboration)

Ellie Elephant (Collaboration)

After working collaboratively all day we all got to eat our chocolate eggs together and had to be quick because of the sun.

We had an amazing day full of laughter and fun!

Happy Easter!

From Sunshine Class

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