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Blackheath Schools Football League Runner’s-up!

Last academic year our three Rathfern Football teams competed in the Blackheath Schools Football League. Matches took place on Saturday mornings, and the teams were always there bright and early ready for action! Unfortunately due to Covid 19 the league was cut short, with the hope that matches could be caught up on later on in the year.

Unfortunately due to ongoing restrictions these matches were unable to take place. The good news is that the final league positions have been announced based on where teams were on the league table when the league stopped.

Year 6 Boys (Group 2 Boys) – Runner’s up (2nd position)

Year 5 Boys (B League) – 4th position

Year 3/4 Boys (C League) – Runner’s up (2nd position)

(League tables at bottom of page)

CONGRATULATIONS to all three teams who performed brilliantly! The teams have been a credit to the school and we’ve been so impressed with their enthusiasm and competitiveness. They have worked really well with their team managers, and played some outstanding football. We can’t wait to see what they can do when we are back to playing competitive Football!

We would like to say a big thank you to the team managers, and parents who attend with their children week in week out, in sometimes, some very cold conditions! As soon as we hear that it’s safe enough for the League to re-start we will communicate this with parents.


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