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Highest Participation in the Lewisham Virtual Challenges – Borough Champions!

We are very proud to share that Rathfern have been announced as the Lewisham Champions for the highest participation in the Borough in virtual challenges during the Autumn term. Check out the new addition for our trophy cabinet!

Rathfern participated in 7 virtual challenges during the Autumn term in Rugby, Volleyball, Handball, Football, Hockey, Boccia and NFL. Children participated in the challenges setting their personal best scores, with the aim to beat their score as they further develop their skills. Children really looked forward to finding out what the challenge of the week was and were excited to have their scores competing with other schools scores in the Borough.

Rathfern had the highest number of participants in the Borough in three of the seven challenges, and the highest number of participants out of all the schools in all London Boroughs in the Volleyball challenge! Well done Rathfern!

In addition to the Autumn terms Virtual challenges, we also entered a Cross Country, Biathlon and two Sports Hall Athletics competition, as well as a Change for Life Virtual Festival.

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