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Computing Curriculum


Through the Computing curriculum, we endeavour to provide our children with the knowledge and skills that will help them to succeed as the technological world changes and develops around them.

It is our belief that all members of our community should be equipped with the skills and attitudes needed to negotiate the complexities of and succeed in the rapidly changing digital world that they live in. Pupils should be able to apply their computational thinking and global understanding to make informed, ethical decisions about the use of technology in all contexts (at home and at school).

Our computing curriculum should not only aim to address the growing socio-economic divide that exists within our communities but also redress the gender imbalance in digital professions, in particular amongst ethnic minorities. 

Pupils will gain key knowledge and skills in the three distinct areas of the computing curriculum:

  • Computer Science

Pupils will learn how computers and computational systems work, how they are designed and programmed and create simple programs of their own. They will solve problems through analysis, innovation and collaboration, using computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the digital and physical world that they live in.

  • Information Technology

Pupils will learn to use computer systems to present, store, retrieve and send information. They will use digital tools for creation, collaboration and communication.

  • Digital Citizenship

Pupils will learn how to navigate digital platforms, evaluate digital content (including its provenance) and use technology safely and respectfully (developing their understanding of age appropriate content and screen time).

Through these three strands we can develop responsible and discerning digital citizens who can: reject, select and manipulate information for a variety of purposes; design and create a range of programs, systems and content; and adapt to a constantly changing digital landscape.


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