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ReceptionHello reception!Hello reception!

Hello Reception!
We hope you are all well! We are going to being today's learning by sharing our weekend news!
1. First make sure you are in the green zone and watch Ms Perretta discuss, draw and write about her weekend news.
2. What did you do on the weekend? Can you draw your weekend news? Can you write a sentence about your weekend news?
Next we are going to focus on expressing our feelings. Listen to the story 'The Feelings Book'. Have a look at the emotion cards attached. How are you feeling today? Can you tell someone at home? Look in the mirror, what do you see? Draw a self-portrait and be sure to include how you are feeling in your picture.
Today in maths you are going to be practising your sharing and grouping skills! Watch Ms Perretta make banana pancakes and share them equally between her and Maths Wizard. You could do some cooking, or you could share something in your house into groups! 




If you follow the banana pancake recipe I used, you may need to add more milk to the mixture. It also makes a lot of pancake batter - I will be eating them for days!! :)

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