Rathfern Primary

Year 1

Maths Meeting 

Practise your months of the year every other day. You can also sing ‘The Months of the Year’ and do the macarena on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0BGijAmZXg )


Are you ready for the ‘Months of the Year’ Quiz? 

What is the second month of the year?


What is the last month of the year?


Which month is after June?


Which month is before April?


What is the fifth month of the year?


 Target Number

Your Target Number is 18. Write as many equations using +, - , x ,   which gives the answer 18.

You do not have to use all operations to complete equations.

Maths Links/Songs

Practice counting in 2



Practice counting in 5s



Practice counting in 10s


Counting Games



Materials Treasure Hunt

Describe the beach

Have a look at the picture of the beach below. Write a few sentences describing the beach. Use the word bank below for support.


Book review

Read a book from home and then write a book review for a friend.

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