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Debate Mate

Debate Mate

Debate Mate is an educational charity that uses the brightest university students to run after-school debate clubs.

The charity is active across the globe and in the last nine years, Debate Mate have successfully taught over 25,000 young people to debate.

The charity has taught young people in countries such as: The UK, USA, Jamaica, Nepal, Dubai, Doha, Mexico, Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, China, Japan, Korea and Israel.

Run by teachers and mentors

Debate Mate’s after-school clubs are ran by teachers and mentors from the top universities in the country.

The mentors are skilled academics, who are passionate about providing disadvantaged young people the skills they need to become exceptional young leaders – confidence, interpersonal communication skills and higher order thinking. The clubs run for an hour and give children to debate and engage in a number of educational and fun games.

As a result of the Debate Mate programme, Rathfern teachers have integrated debating into their classrooms. Allowing pupils to develop their communication and English skills in a collaborative and engaging way, as well as educating them on modern day issues in the world around them.

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