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Rathfern Primary School has a dynamic and engaged Governing Body who oversee the strategic direction for the school. The Governing Body is made up of parents, community volunteers, staff (including the Head) and representatives from the Local Education Authority.

Offering advice and guidance

Our parent and community governors have a range of different backgrounds and experience and bring many beneficial perspectives to the life of the school. The role of the Governing Body is to act as a supportive but ‘critical friend’ offering advice and guidance to ensure the school:

  • has clear aims and objectives
  • teaches the key objectives of the curriculum
  • reports National Curriculum assessment results to parents
  • strives to reach performance targets
  • plans the repair and maintenance of school buildings
  • manages the school budget

The Governing Body also appoints the Head Teacher and Deputy Head and approves and monitors the School Improvement Plan. The Governing Body meet at least once a term and has a Chair, Vice Chair and various sub committees. The Chair of Governors can be contacted by using our contact form.

Chair Of The Governing Body

Rosemary Benson

Committee Structure

 The Governing Body operates a Finance Committee Chair: Carley Eaton .

Pupil Discipline / Staff Grievance / Staff Discipline / Staff Discipline Appeal / Pay Appeal / Complaints Panels

These meet as and when required, with a minimum of three eligible governors, who are selected according to the following criteria:

The three members can be selected based on:

  • Availability.
  • Fair representation as far as possible in terms of balance (gender, race).
  • No previous knowledge of the case.
  • If it was regarding a staff member no staff member on the committee.
  • If more than three members were available then they would be chosen in alphabetical order by the Chair and with the advice of the Headteacher.

Governor’s Details

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Governors' Attendance

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Governors' register of interest

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