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Maths Curriculum

Maths Curriculum

At Rathfern we teach maths using the Maths Mastery Programme.

The ‘mastery approach’ to teaching maths is the underlying principle of Mathematics Mastery. Instead of learning mathematical procedures by rote, we want pupils to build a deep conceptual understanding of concepts which will enable them to apply their learning in different situations. The programme uses the Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach with three main dimensions of depth; conceptual understanding, language and communication and mathematical thinking.

Children have a range of opportunities to investigate, problem solve and make connections with a variety of mathematical topics. Through the use of daily Maths Meetings children develop fluency and automaticity and they build on their knowledge and understanding taught in the main maths lesson.


See below for the maths curriculum map and programmes of study for each year group:

Reception Curriculum map

Reception Programme of study

Year 1 Curriculum map

Year 1 Programme of study

Year 2 Curriculum map

Year 2 Programme of study

Year 3 Curriculum map

Year 3 Programme of study

Year 4 Curriculum map

Year 4 Programme of study

Year 5 Curriculum map

Year 5 Programme of study

Year 6 Curriculum map

Year 6 Programme of study

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