Rathfern Primary

2nd Place in year 56 Sports Hall Athletics Borough Finals


Congratulations to Rathfern's Year 5/6 Athletics squad who came 2nd place overall in the Lewisham Borough Sport Hall Athletics finals. We are delighted to have done so well against the Lewisham schools!

Children competed in a number of track and field Athletics events. Some of these include sprit relays, obstacle relays, the soft javelin throw, and the standing long jump. Children scored points by competing in the events. The faster/further/higher went, the more points they scored. All of the team points were then added together to produce our total score. 

The team were confident and gave their all in every event that they competed in. Children were respectful to officials and other teams, and encouraged and supported one another. It was a brilliant day out, and even the teachers/parent helpers got a chance to compete in some of the games!

Well done Rathfern!


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