Rathfern Primary

National Fitness Day 2021

National Fitness Day at Rathfern



On Wednesday 22nd September we celebrated National Fitness Day at Rathfern. 

National Fitness Day is about highlighting the role physical activity plays across the UK, helping us raise awareness of its importance in helping us lead healthier lifestyles through being physical active. At Rathfern we aim for all children to be physically active every single day and we continuously hold discussions about our fitness and healthy lifestyles. It's vital that we enjoy forms of physical activity as it is this enjoyment that will lead to continued participation. 

On National Fitness Day Year 6 pupils took in Miss Sophie's National Fitness Day circuit. Included in the circuit were wall squat holds, trampoline bouncing, shuttle runs, speed bounce and gym block flipping. Year 6 gave it their all and were exhausted at the end! The hard work paid off, as positive endorphins were flowing and year 6 were as ready as ever to take on the rest of their day.





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