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In our latest Ofsted inspection, we  achieved the highest possible grades in all areas and, in its most recent report in January 2016, Ofsted rated Rathfern as an ‘Outstanding’ school overall.

We recognise that Ofsted is only one way of measuring a school’s success, however I believe that this report is an accurate reflection of our staff and pupils’ commitment and diligence.


Rathfern Ofsted profile

Our most recent inspection reports

Ofsted Inspection Report 2016

Ofsted Inspection Report March 2011

 Ofsted Inspection Report June 2008

What Ofsted said…

Here are some quotes from the inspection team of March 2016:

Pupils are polite, courteous and show a genuine interest in visitors.


The head teacher has a very clear vision for the school and high expectations for pupils.

Pupils come to school with a spring in their step and all pupils questioned said they love meeting their friends and teachers.

Playtimes are hives of activity as pupils make the most of the hoops, balls and sandpit.

Pupils feel safe and know they can turn to adults in school or the peer mediators should they be worried.

More-able pupils also make good progress and achieve well. They benefit from carefully planned activities to stretch and test their thinking.

In lessons, pupils have good relationships with teachers and teaching assistants. They learn positively because they listen carefully to instructions, quickly pick up expected routines and get down to work promptly.

Pupils work well independently and in groups. They make the most of their talking partners to spark ideas off each other.

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Parents and carers can give their views of Rathfern Primary School at any time of the school year and at the time of a school inspection using an online questionnaire called Parent View.

When our school is notified of its next Ofsted inspection, parents will be invited to give their views about the school to inspectors using the Parent View online facility.

Register and give your views on the Ofsted Parent View website.

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