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Closing the divide Theory- Practice ( to diminish the class divide)

Building a teacher research movement in Lewisham

"It is teachers who in the end will change the world of the classroom by understanding it” Stenhouse (1976)


Our work focuses on creating a shared understanding of evidence-based strategies and approaches  in order to tackle the major challenge in our education system social injustice.


Our Aims:

  • Connect with school leaders and teachers to adopt more research informed, long-term approaches to securing achievement for all.
  • Inform leaders and teachers through dialogue and debate what research tells us about how pedagogy can maximise achievement for all.
  • Inspire, support and promote teachers and leaders in becoming researchers within their own schools.


Why evidence(research)-informed teaching matters

  • Teaching has more impact on pupil outcomes than any other aspect of schooling
  • Explains up to 75% of classroom level variance in pupil performance
  • Collective teacher effectiveness (all the teachers in a school) can have lasting effects on pupils
  • Teaching quality is something we can and must affect as schools and educators


The effects of engaging in research

  • Renewed feeling of pride and excitement about teaching and in a re-vitalised sense of oneself as a teacher
  • It reminded teachers of their intellectual capability and the importance to their professional lives
  • It restored in teachers a sense of professionalism and power in the sense of having a voice (McLaughin et al 1996)
  • Teachers decide the focus of their learning, move beyond the role of classroom ‘technician’ (Carr, 1995) and become ‘facilitators’ of their own learning and that of others (Day, 1999).


Key attributes that characterise the Extended Professional as they research their own practice (Stenhouse 1975)

  • have a commitment to question their practice as the basis for teacher development
  • reflect critically and systematically on their own practice
  • appreciate the benefit of having their teaching observed by others and discussing their teaching with others in an open and honest manner
  • have the commitment and skills to study their own teaching and in so doing develop the art of self-study

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