Rathfern Primary

Social Action

We aspire for all our pupils to become passionate citizens of the world committed to creating positive change for our planet and her people.

 Social action is ‘practical action in the service of others to create positive change’ (Le Breton, 2018, para. 2) or taking action to address social or environmental issues affecting our communities (local or global).

The curriculum and pedagogy at Rathfern promotes:

  • Learning, Thinking and Acting- for pupils now and in their adult lives – these are integral to the achievement of a more just, secure and sustainable global future.
  • At Rathfern we understand that Global is local. We are linked as never before to other people on every continent:
  • Environmentally through sharing one planet.
  • Economically through trade.
  • Politically through international relations and systems of regulation.
  • Socially and culturally through the media, telecommunications, travel and migration.



At Rathfern social action is developed through:

Leading Citizens

Community Ambassadors

Learning Leads

Sports Leads

Well-being Leads

What's Happening