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Art and Design

Two boys very happy during their art class.

At Rathfern our Art and Design curriculum invites children to deepen and extend their feelings of wonder, delight, joy and mystery.

Art and Design enables children to communicate and respond to their everyday experiences and feelings.

Children develop their imagination and visual perception using first hand experience and rich stimulating resources as a starting point to their enquiries.

Variety within Art and Design

Girl moulding a clay model.They learn a repertoire of art skills and processes such as drawing, painting, sculpture and textiles that enable them to become independent learners who make decisions about their art.

Children have opportunities to work with artists and explore gallery collections to develop their understanding and appreciation of art in a variety of genres and styles, which reflect our rich and diverse multicultural history and contemporary society.

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At Rathfern we stand together to condemn the unlawful murder of an innocent black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis.

We stand united in our commitment to tackle and challenge racism, address inequality and call out discrimination.