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Year 3 Vote For Leading Citizens

Congratulations to our leading citizens… St James’s Park Class   “Now that I have been voted to be a leading citizen to represent the year 3 cohort, I will try my best to help and encourage everyone to be positive to one another and our environment. I will care and support younger children in our school […]

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Year 3 Celebrate…Ollie Owl for Reflection!

Year 3 Celebrate…Ollie Owl for Reflection! Congratulations to all our outstanding children! You are flourishing to be insightful, reflective learners by thinking deeply about the purpose of your learning and discovering ways to edit and improve learning to make it better. Keep it up! You are OUTSTANDING! Our next golden assembly will be the first week back […]

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Year 3 Celebrate…Copper Cat for Curiosity

Year 3 Celebrate…Copper Cat for Curiosity Congratulations to our outstanding children! You have shown great interest and curiosity in all areas of your learning! You are OUTSTANDING!   Next week, we are celebrating… Ollie Owl for Reflection…! Watch this space, it could be you!

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Year 3 No Pens Day!

No Pens Day encourages everyone involved to put down their pens for the day and take part in activities that develop speaking and listening skills.   On the 5th October, Year 3 celebrated ‘No Pens Day’ in Maths! We had different maths activities set out on different tables. We took part in money, timetables and […]

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Year 3 Investigate REAL Animal Skulls

      To kick-start our science topic on Animals including Humans, we were given the opportunity to handle real animal skulls.  We predicted the animal the skull belonged to and thought about the animals diet by looking at its teeth.    Using the pictures of the skulls and some of the questions below, why not have a […]

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Year 3 Visit Horton Kirby Education Centre

    On Friday 30th September, both Year 3 classes went on an educational visit to Horton Kirby in Dartford as part of our geography topic on contrasting localities. We took part in a variety of exciting activities to identify similarities and differences of the human and physical geographical features of Horton Kirby and then […]

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