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Don’t stop till you get enough Y3!

So, you’ve completed ALL your tasks daily tasks on Google Classroom…. Fancy a little more? BBC Bitesize have created daily lessons on a range of topics, why not consolidate what you already know! Check this link below.

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Y3 Messy mapping!

Y3 ventured out into Catford this morning! We wanted to explore the human and physical geography of our local area. Our scientific skills aided us throughout our journey as we made careful observations and recorded our data. With 2030 looming, we were keen to find out… Is our local area sustainable? What evidence could we […]

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Let there be light!

Year 3’s topic this term is Light and shadow. We have been investigating various materials to find out whether they were translucent, transparent or opaque. Here we are making plausible predictions about the properties of the materials before we tested them. I wonder what scientific skills were applied within this lesson…   

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Sister, sister!

Sycamore class met their ‘sister’ class Maple (Year 1) to do some buddy reading! We delved into a range of books and asked them questions. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Same time next week? 🙂    

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Here we are!!


What started out as humble statistics lesson within Chinbrook class, turned into a real life experience…Y3 visited LEGOLAND Windsor last week and they had a blast! Their bravery and strength of heart was tested as they embarked on multiple rides throughout the day. The children were awarded with a ‘LEGO allowance’ to spend on a souvenir of choice, a well earned treat for all their fundraising efforts. The […]

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Sprinkle love, all around!

SUCCESS! Y3 launched their fundraising initiative this afternoon! We laid on a small spread that consisted of ice lollies and delicious Oreo bites – It was a SELL OUT!! Thank you so much for your support, we really appreciate it. Y3 children will also be on the stall next week. We’ve got more in store […]

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