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Nature Craft

Hello children, I have a challenge for you this week. If you are going outside for a bit of exercise or to play in the garden, collect a few petals, stones, bits of grass or sticks and see if you can write your name with it? What natural material did you use to write your […]

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Story time!

Lets read together, ask your family members to read this wonderful story about Frieda and how she makes a difference. Frieda makes a difference-English Learning about our SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) will help us all make a difference to our world. Can you spot the SDG number on the page? How many can you find? […]

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Super sentences for home learning!

Hello to all Reception children. We hope that you have had a productive first week learning from home! I just want to remind you of the rules when writing your super sentences at home. Always start your sentence with a capital letter. Places, names, titles and the tricky word “I” also have a capital letter. […]

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Reception Home Learning

This week we are reading the story Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. Read the story below and then try the writing activities in your yellow book. man on the moon (bob) powerpoint Bob has some alien friends. Can you design and describe an alien? man on the moon alien design Bob goes for […]

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Reception recycled fish!

Reception have been looking at the artist Alexander Calder’s fish sculptures. They are made from metal, glass and pottery. He bends and twists the wire to create drawings that hang in space. We used recycled coat hangers to create the outline of our fish. We pulled really hard on the sides of the coat hanger […]

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Journey - Aaron Becker


We have been inspired this week by the beautiful illustrations in the book Journey by Aaron Becker.  The children immediately noticed that it is a text with no words and have enthusiastically told the story themselves through the pictures. We are wondering where the girl and boy in the story may go to next…

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Race Equality Pledge from Lewisham

Find out how Lewisham schools are tackling race inequality in education.