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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 page. Here you will find our latest learning and news posts, dates of our upcoming trips and experiences and the latest letters for our year group.

Our Year 3 curriculum is underpinned by the framework and aims of the Global Learning and Rights Respecting Programme. Through our exciting themes we consider questions such as ‘Is there enough water for everyone?’,  ‘What happened to indigenous people?’ and ‘Why did the Pharaohs have so much power?’.

Our current themes are…

The Adventures of…, Hunter Gatherers, The Power of Nature – Volcanoes and Earthquakes, H20 – The Story of Water, Who Are the Real Americans? and The Egyptians.

Year 3 Recent News

Year 3 Staff

Elif Gok

Teacher & Team Lead for Year 4

Sherina Rhule


Emma Smith

Teaching Assistant

Pauline Forte

Learning Support Assistant

Dawn Thomas


Claire Ladd

Teaching Assistant

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